Fixed-fee leasehold conveyancing in Tilehurst:

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Top Five Questions relating to Tilehurst leasehold conveyancing

I only have 72 years remaining on my flat in Tilehurst. I now wish to extend my lease but my landlord is missing. What are my options?

If you qualify, under the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 you can submit an application to the County Court for for permission to dispense with the service of the initial notice. This will mean that your lease can be granted an extra 90 years by the magistrate. However, you will be required to demonstrate that you have made all reasonable attempts to track down the freeholder. On the whole an enquiry agent may be helpful to try and locate and prepare a report which can be accepted by the court as evidence that the landlord can not be located. It is advisable to get professional help from a property lawyer both on devolving into the landlord’s disappearance and the vesting order request to the County Court covering Tilehurst.

Planning to sign contracts shortly on a basement flat in Tilehurst. Conveyancing lawyers have said that they will have a report out to me within the next couple of days. What should I be looking out for?

Your report on title for your leasehold conveyancing in Tilehurst should include some of the following:

  • You should be sent a copy of the lease
  • How long the lease is You should be advised as what happens when the lease ends, and informed of the importance of not letting the lease term falling below eighty years
  • Details of the parties to the lease, for example these could be the leaseholder (you), head lessor, freeholder
  • The total extent of the property. This will be the flat itself but might include a loft or cellar if applicable.
  • Does the lease prevent you from subletting the flat, or working from home
  • The landlord’s rights to access the flat you be made aware that your landlord has rights of access and I know how much notice s/he must provide.
  • Responsibility for repairing the window frames For details of the information to be contained in your report on your leasehold property in Tilehurst please ask your conveyancer in advance of your conveyancing in Tilehurst

  • I am hoping to put an offer on a small detached house that seems to tick a lot of boxes, at a reasonable figure which is making it all the more appealing. I have just been informed that the title is leasehold as opposed to freehold. I would have thought that there are particular concerns purchasing a leasehold house in Tilehurst. Conveyancing lawyers have are about to be appointed. Will my lawyers set out the risks of buying a leasehold house in Tilehurst ?

    The majority of houses in Tilehurst are freehold and not leasehold. In this scenario it’s worth having a local solicitor who is familiar with the area can help the conveyancing process. It is clear that you are buying in Tilehurst in which case you should be shopping around for a Tilehurst conveyancing solicitor and check that they are used to advising on leasehold houses. First you will need to check the unexpired lease term. Being a tenant you will not be at liberty to do whatever you want to the property. The lease will likely included provisions such as requiring the freeholder’spermission to conduct alterations. You may also be required to pay a maintenance charge towards the maintenance of the estate where the house is located on an estate. Your lawyer will appraise you on the various issues.

    I am looking at a two flats in Tilehurst both have approximately forty five years remaining on the leases. should I be concerned?

    There are plenty of short leases in Tilehurst. The lease is a legal document that entitles you to use the property for a prescribed time frame. As the lease gets shorter the saleability of the lease decreases and results in it becoming more costly to extend the lease. For this reason it is generally wise to increase the term of the lease. Sometimes it is difficult to sell a property with a short lease as mortgage lenders less inclined to grant a loan on such properties. Lease extension can be a difficult process. We recommend you seek professional help from a solicitor and surveyor with experience in this arena

    What are your top tips when it comes to choosing a Tilehurst conveyancing practice to deal with our lease extension?

    When appointing a property lawyer for lease extension works (regardless if they are a Tilehurst conveyancing firm) it is most important that he or she should be familiar with the legislation and specialises in this area of work. We advise that you talk with two or three firms including non Tilehurst conveyancing practices before you instructing a firm. Where the conveyancing practice is ALEP accredited then that’s a bonus. Some following of questions could be useful:

    • What volume of lease extensions have they carried out in Tilehurst in the last 12 months?
  • Can they put you in touch with client in Tilehurst who can give a testimonial?

  • Tilehurst Leasehold Conveyancing - Examples of Queries before Purchasing

      Many Tilehurst leasehold properties will be liable to pay a service charge for the upkeep of the building levied by the landlord. If you purchase the apartment you will have to pay this charge, usually periodically throughout the year. This can differ from a couple of hundred pounds to thousands of pounds for bigger purpose-built blocks. In all probability there will be a ground rent to be met yearly, ordinarily this is not a large sum, say around £50-£100 but you need to check as on occasion it can be many hundreds of pounds. Are there any major works anticipated that could add a premium to the service charges? Best to be warned if redecorating or some other significant cost is due shortly that will be shared between the leasehold owners and may well materially impact the level of the maintenance charges or require a one time invoice.

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