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Top reasons for lease extension now:

A Burnt Oak lease depreciates with the years remaining on the lease.

Unfortunately that a Burnt Oak residential lease is a wasting asset. As the lease term reduces so does the value of the property. The extent of this is not fully appreciated in the early years due to the reduction being disguised by increases in the Burnt Oak property prices.Where your lease has approximately 90 years left, you should start considering a lease extension. If the number of years remaining drops below 80 years, you will end up paying half of the property's 'marriage value' in addition to the usual cost of the lease extension to the landlord. Marriage value is the amount of extra value that a lease extension will add the property The majority of flat owners in Burnt Oak will be able to extend under the legislation; however a conveyancer should be able to confirm if you qualify for an extension. In some cases you may not be entitled. There are also strict timetables and procedures to follow once the process has commenced and you will need to be guided by your conveyancing solicitor throughout the formalities.

An extended lease has roughly the same value as a freehold

It is generally accepted that a residential leasehold with over 100 years unexpired lease term is worth roughly the same as a freehold. Where an further 90 years added to all but the shortest lease, the residence will be equivalent in value to a freehold for decades to come.

Lenders will not issue a mortgage on a short lease

The propensity since 2008 has been for mortgage companies to tighten lending criteria generally - this has extended to the property over which the mortgage is to be charged. This has resulted in the minimum number of years remaining under the lease required by mortgage companies has increased. In the past banks would lend on a lease with 25 years plus the term of the loan - routinely 50 year leases but those requirements have been chipped away by the requirement for longer and longer leases - many now have a minimum term of 75 years as standard.

Lender Requirement
Bank of Scotland Minimum 70 years from the date of the mortgage.
Coventry Building Society A minimum of 70 years unexpired lease at completion for all scheme types apart from Lifetime Mortgages (Equity Release), which require a minimum unexpired term of 80 years at completion.
Godiva Mortgages A minimum of 70 years unexpired lease at completion for all scheme types apart from Lifetime Mortgages (Equity Release), which require a minimum unexpired term of 80 years at completion.
Santander Our minimum unexpired lease term is 55 years from completion, subject to at least 30 years remaining at the end of the mortgage term (an individual case instruction may provide for a shorter unexpired term). However, you must report the unexpired lease term to us and await our instructions if:
1. the unexpired term assumed by our valuer is between 55 and 82 years, but the actual unexpired term differs by more than one year (whether longer or shorter); or
2. the unexpired term assumed by our valuer is more than 82 years but the actual unexpired term is less than 82 years; or
3. no valuation report is provided
We will accept a lease that has been extended under the provisions of the Leasehold Reform Act 1993 provided statutory compensation would be available to the leaseholder.
Yorkshire Building Society 85 years from the date of completion of the mortgage. Please ensure that you explain the implications of a short term lease to the borrower.

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The lawyers that we work with procure Burnt Oak lease extensions and help protect your position. A lease extension can be arranged to be completed to coincide with a change of ownership so the costs of the lease extension are paid for using part of the sale proceeds. You really do need expert legal advice in this difficult and technical area of law. The lawyer we work with provide it.

Burnt Oak Lease Extension Example Cases:

Joseph, Burnt Oak, North London,

Joseph was the the leasehold owner of a 2 bedroom apartment in Burnt Oak on the market with a lease of fraction over sixty years remaining. Joseph on an informal basis spoke with his freeholder a well known local-based freehold company and enquired on a premium to extend the lease. The freeholder indicated a willingness to extend the lease to 125 years subject to a new rent at the outset set at £100 per annum and increase every 25 years thereafter. No ground rent would be payable on a lease extension were Joseph to exercise his statutory right. Joseph obtained expert advice and was able to make a more informed judgement and handle with the matter and ending up with a market value flat.

Burnt Oak case:

Last Spring we were e-mailed by Mrs Amelia Clark , who took over the lease of a first floor flat in Burnt Oak in February 2007. We are asked if we could shed any light on how much (roughly) premium could be to prolong the lease by 90 years. Similar premises in Burnt Oak with a long lease were valued about £300,000. The mid-range amount of ground rent was £50 invoiced quarterly. The lease ended in 2095. Given that there were 76 years left we estimated the compensation to the landlord to extend the lease to be within £8,600 and £9,800 not including professional charges.

Decision in Harrow

An example of a Lease Extension matter before the tribunal for a Burnt Oak property is 20 Orchard Court Stonegrove in June 2009. The tribunal decided that a premium of £11,040 should be payable for the new lease This case related to 1 flat. The unexpired lease term was 71.55 years.