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Main reasons to commence your Trelogan lease extension

Top reasons for lease extension now:

A Trelogan leasehold property depreciates with the years remaining on the lease.

Owning a flat usually means owning a lease of the property, which has a set term of years. your lease will normally be granted for a set period of time , usually 99 or 125 years, although we have seen longer and shorter terms in Trelogan. Inevitably, the period of lease left reduces as time goes by. This is often overlooked and only becomes a problem when the flat or house has to be sold or refinanced. The fewer the years remaining the lower the value of the property and the more it will cost to extend the lease. Qualifying long lease owners in Trelogan have the right to extend the lease for a further ninety years in accordance with legislation. Do give due attention before putting off your Trelogan lease extension. Putting off that expense now simply increases the price you will eventually incur for a lease extension

An extended lease has roughly the same value as a freehold

It is generally considered that a residential leasehold with more than 100 years remaining is worth approximately the same as a freehold. Where an further ninety years added to any lease with more than 35 years remaining, the premises will be equivalent in value to a freehold for many years ahead.

Lenders may decide not to grant a mortgage with a short lease

Most mortgage lenders insist on a lengthy amount of time left on a leasehold residence before they will contemplate it as adequate security. Regardless of whether you need a mortgage, you should be conscious that it is probable that someone intending to purchase your property in the future might well do, so in the event that they are unable to get a mortgage, then the value of the property could suffer. Since 2008 many banks and building societies have increased the required minimum lease length that they are willing to grant a mortgage on

Lender Requirement
Coventry Building Society A minimum of 70 years unexpired lease at completion for all scheme types apart from Lifetime Mortgages (Equity Release), which require a minimum unexpired term of 80 years at completion.
Halifax Minimum 70 years from the date of the mortgage.
Lloyds TSB Scotland Mortgage term plus 30 years subject to an overall minimum term of 70 years
National Westminster Bank Mortgage term plus 30 years. For a Lifetime Mortgage, the term must be no less than 150 years minus the age of the Borrower.
Royal Bank of Scotland Mortgage term plus 30 years. For a Lifetime Mortgage, the term must be no less than 150 years minus the age of the Borrower.

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Trelogan Lease Extension Example Cases:

Lucy, Trelogan, Flintshire,

Following protracted correspondence with the landlord of her purpose-built apartment in Trelogan, Lucy commenced the lease extension process as the 80 year threshold was quickly approaching. The lease extension completed in February 2010. The freeholder’s costs were restricted to about 700 pounds.

Trelogan case:

Last Autumn we were e-mailed by Dr H Hernández , who owned a one bedroom flat in Trelogan in March 2007. The dilemma was if we could approximate the compensation to the landlord would likely be to extend the lease by a further 90 years. Comparative properties in Trelogan with 100 year plus lease were worth £183,600. The mid-range amount of ground rent was £65 collected yearly. The lease termination date was on 10 November 2078. Taking into account 57 years as a residual term we estimated the premium to the freeholder for the lease extension to be within £28,500 and £33,000 plus legals.

Trelogan case:

In 2010 we were approached by Mr and Mrs. V Baker who, having was assigned a lease of a one bedroom flat in Trelogan in February 2005. We are asked if we could shed any light on how much (approximately) premium would likely be for a 90 year lease extension. Comparable premises in Trelogan with 100 year plus lease were worth £245,000. The average ground rent payable was £50 invoiced monthly. The lease expired in 2089. Having 68 years left we estimated the premium to the landlord to extend the lease to be between £9,500 and £11,000 plus fees.